Top 10 Most Hottest Female Trainers in USA 2017


This is a list of Top 10 Most Hottest Female Trainers in USA 2017. This list is in line with the Shape Magazine’s set of 50 hottest female trainers in the USA 2017.

Most Hottest Female Trainers in USA 2017

10. Jessi Kneeland

Jessi Kneeland
Jessi Kneeland

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“I am Jessi. I’m a qualified fitness expert, fitness expert, and blogger. I’m a NYC dweller, a enthusiast of Scotch on the stones, and I really believe in the magic of birthdays and full moons. I rhyme often, I favor savory to lovely, and I cannot think of an improved way to invest a day than reading good fiction in sunlight.” – Jessi Kneeland

9. Ella Magers

Ella Magers
Ella Magers

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“I’ve created this space because my most significant passion is to share my knowledge and encounters, former and present, which may have helped me attain a lifestyle that’s not only compassionate and healthy, but also spicy and energizing!” – Ella Magers

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