12 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners – Step by Step Guide


Today I want to show you an entire list of easy nail art designs for beginners collection called “12 easy nail art designs for beginners” with the concrete pictures of perfect manicure suggestions by professional nail technicians.

These easy nail art designs and techniques are suitable for women who want to have beautiful nails without spending too much time.

Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners – The Quickest Techniques & Guides:

Nails play an important role in our look, especially for women. They cannot only make your hands sparkle, but also actually show how a person care about their own appearance.

The good thing of simple nail designs is that they are very easy to create and you will not need fake nails. You can let you nails grow perfectly so that the designs will look fuller.

You will be able to get elegant fingers which could fit with your outfit without making any silly mistake or meeting any difficulty. In fact, these 12 nail art designs for beginners will not take too much time from you to create! Try it yourself.

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12 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners 

1. Bananas

12 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners - Step by Step Guide

The first out of the fancy and easy nail art designs for beginners I want to present is the banana style! This design is very simple to paint. You can use white for the background.

White nails with some cute tiny yellow bananas on a couple digits will make your nail look interesting and unique! To draw bananas, you use black color for the line around the images, paint the bananas in yellow, and finally, draw a slim black line starting from the pedicle of the banana to make it more animated.

You should also learn some painting techniques if you want to get more complex designs.

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