I have some beautiful collection of Pretty Watermelon Nail Art Ideas for your cute hands. It is summertime and that means wearing bright colors and having fun.  It is also when the creative nails come out of hibernation.  And what could be more fun than fruit inspired nails?  Many people tend to experiment with their nail color in the summer period.

This is fine by us, as we love it. There is one type of nails we are super loving right now and that’s watermelon nails.  There is nothing that beats this cute nail design.

18 Pretty Watermelon Nail Art Ideas For Cute Girls

Yes, you did read it right, we mentioned the fruit watermelons.  It does sound crazy, we know, but watermelons are taking over the nail world.  Who wouldn’t like these kind of painted nails?  They are fun, lively, bright and reminds us to eat more fruit.

You might think that there can only be one kind of watermelon nail design, but think again.  There are so many and we have come up with 18 of the pretty watermelon nail ideas for you to try this summer. Happy painting.



Pastel colors are necessary this season.

Like every summer, colors are a must.  Make sure you have these pastel colors in your nail box.  All you need is a pastel pink and green nail color and a black nail polish for the watermelon seeds.  You can achieve this look very easily.



Watermelon and glitter look amazing together. Glitter sets the summer mood.

When having watermelon nails, you can always mix and match with other colours and effects.  You can see in this photo that the watermelon colours looks so good with pale pink/nude nail polish with a touch of glitter.

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