Natural Homemade Hair Oil Treatment – 7 Tips


Natural Homemade Hair Oil Treatment – 7 Tips

2. Amla Hair Engine oil


The 2nd Homemade Hair Oil Treatment is about Amla Oil. Amla engine oil, or known as Indian gooseberry, is very well-known for its ability to avoid the hair thinning and raise the hair regrowth. Amla homemade hair shampoo using Amla natural powder as the key ingredient provides nice hair with the best effect as its gain more quickly. The hair thinning will reduce as the pre-condition of hair against dandruff or an infection increase.

50 grams dried out Amla
500 ml gingerly essential oil/ coconut olive oil

Combination the dried out Amla with the gingerly essential oil or coconut petrol, boil them.
Let the concoction cool and filtering it.
Utilize this engine oil to nourish flowing hair regularly.
Besides this simple formula, you can apply a far more complicated homemade wild hair oil to progress results.


2 teaspoon of amla powder
1 teaspoon of fenugreek powder
1 glass of coconut oil

Combine the amla and fenugreek natural powder along.
Add the coconut petrol to the concoction to make a paste.
Heat the combination over a minimal flame so when you viewing the amla paste become brownish, stop home heating (avoid permitting the paste get dark)
Leave the petrol to be cool, sieve it and put it into a wine glass bottle to utilize after.
Keep it for at least 14 days without refrigeration then be sure you apply the essential oil two or three 3 times weekly.

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