Natural Homemade Hair Oil Treatment – 7 Tips


Natural Homemade Hair Oil Treatment – 7 Tips

3. Hibiscus Flower Head of hair Oil


The 3rd Homemade Hair Oil Treatment is about Hibiscus. Hibiscus is employed to make another do-it-yourself hair oil. It really is a great seed product for locks because it assists with stopping dandruff and hair thinning. Hibiscus is also used in natural shampoo conditioner and women often put it to use for a thicker hair. You should use its plants or leaves in the home made scalp essential oil formula.


3 leaves of hibiscus
1 glass of coconut oil

Take 3 fresh leaves of cut and hibiscus them into small parts, and then crush it in a mixing machine or grinder (Not essential to make it a paste)
Get 1/2 or glass of smashed hibiscus or even more depending on nice hair duration and width, and then heating it in low fire.
Pour a cup of your chosen oil like coconut mix and oil them well, continue warming it in low fire.
If the fumes start showing up, add 3 leaves of tulsi if available, and add few grains of fenugreek or corn, or rice.
Switch off the fire and allow it be cool, sieve the olive oil into a a glass bottle.
You can test on another home made hair oil menu from hibiscus that is rather easy.


15- 20 dried out hibiscus flowers
100 ml coconut oil

Dry out 15 to 20 hibiscus plants in sunlight.
Heat the coconut essential oil and add the dried out rose into, boil the blend for a few momemts.
Keep carefully the mix 2 days and nights filtration system and container them.
Apply the olive oil once or weekly to obtain a nicer wild hair double.

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