Natural Homemade Hair Oil Treatment – 7 Tips


Natural Homemade Hair Oil Treatment – 7 Tips

4. Brahmi Head of hair Oil


The 4th tip of Homemade Hair Oil Treatment is about Brahmi. This homemade wild hair oil is wonderful for the full total health of the locks. Brahmi is actually a medicinal place that improves the memory space. The leaf of the flower has been used to improve hair growth for a long period.


1 glass of coconut oil
5 to 10 teaspoons of Brahmi powder
Few grains of fenugreek

Warmth the coconut engine oil in a container or skillet.
Add the Brahmi natural powder to the engine oil, mixture them well, and continue heat the mix over a minimal flame.
Add the grains of fenugreek as the combination starts off fuming put a few grains just. Watch the fenugreek arises, and switch off the flame in those days (avoid letting the Brahmi paste become too black or dark)
Leave the essential oil to cool, sieve it into a a glass or a container. The homemade locks oil for boosting hair regrowth is ready.
Notice: Take few teaspoons of the engine oil once you want, use it to the therapeutic massage and locks softly. Afterward, leave it to remain for 10 or quarter-hour before going for a bath.

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