Natural Homemade Hair Oil Treatment – 7 Tips


Natural Homemade Hair Oil Treatment – 7 Tips

5. Tulsi Hair Petrol Recipe


The 5th tip of Homemade Hair Oil Treatment is about Tulsi. Tulsi in the hot essential oil is effective in stopping bumps on the head.
Therefore, it is employed for itchy head. When you have hot or sweaty head, homemade tulsi locks oil is effective to you.

one to two 2 bunches of tulsi leaves (tulsi natural powder if available)
1/2 glass of coconut oil

Chop the tulsi leaves in a mixing machine, crush it to make 10 teaspoons of tulsi paste.
Add the coconut olive oil to the paste, combine them well and commence to heat the concoction in the reduced flame.
Put few grains of fenugreek or corn as the fumes start, so when the grains arises then turn off the fire.
Let the essential oil cool, sieve it into an effective bottle.
Notice: Be sure you warm the petrol before deciding on your hair, rub it for 20 minutes then have a shower.

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